Trafalgar Road, Derby


Green frog Energy


Trafalgar Road, Derby


  • Design, supply an installation of 12nr twin wall high pressure flue systems serving each GE Jenbacher Generator Set. Flues grouped together, generally into four systems, rising from ground 8.5m to atmosphere, supported via a steelwork purpose-built mast which was also part of our package.
    • All horizontal flues have been supported from the roof of each container using standard universal fittings.
  • The project completed on time, ahead of the winter period, allowing the client to earn valuable income during times of high electricity demand and to provide support to the local and national electricity networks.
  • Project completed under budget.
    • The installation and commissioning of the 12 GE Jenbacher Generator Sets, and the gas connections, were undertaken by Green Frog Genovate and Green Frog Gas Utilities respectively. Green Frog Trading now dispatch the plant to ensure Capacity Market events are met, and also operates on the open market providing power at times when renewable generation is low, and/or when demand is high.