Seaburn Hotel


Mentor Construction


Seaburn Hotel


Airtherm were appointed by Mentor Construction for the project at Seaburn Hotel, this is due to our excellent working relationship and success on previous projects with the Mentor group. Airtherm once again demonstrated there efficient and successful installations at the Seaburn Hotel project.

Seaburn is a seaside resort and northeastern suburb of Sunderland, North East England. Seaburn lies within historic County Durham. The village of Whitburn borders the area to the north. To the west and south-west is Fulwell and to the south the coastal resort of Roker.

Airtherm installed 2no flue systems at The Seaburn Hotel, the first system was terminating from an Air Handling Unit and the second was terminating from 2no water heaters and 2no boilers. The works were completed on the final phase on the job but Airtherm managed to fit all the flue to the correct parameters to keep the flue system efficient and the correct back pressure to the boilers.