Lasting Impressions, Do & Co, Heathrow Airport


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Lasting Impressions, Do & Co, Heathrow Airport


Airtherm have carried out multiple installations on the Do & Co, Heathrow site, ranging from general kitchen supply ventilation via fabric textile air sock systems located within the food preparation area, kitchen canopy supply and extract canopies and associated ductwork, AHU’s.

The client’s consultant instructed Airtherm at the an early stage to design the systems, provide full set of calculations and drawings. Upon approval of our drawings we commenced the manufactured the 16nr kitchen canopies units and installed them over an 18-month programmed period, which feature, grease filters, LED down-lights and Ansul R102 fire suppression. The units are installed into the catering facility that provides food for British Airways and Emirates Airlines.

We have also installed two twin wall stainless steel flue systems serving high efficiency boilers, with a single insulated flue connecting to a steam boiler situated externally to the building. Due to the location of the steam boiler the flue system had to be supported by a free-standing mast to fully comply with the Clean Air Act Memorandum.