Bunhill Estate, City Road, London EC1V 8BE


Colloide Engineering Services Limited


Bunhill Estate, City Road, London EC1V 8BE


Airtherm Flue Systems Limited had been selected at an early stage, 9 months prior to the actual installation took place. The reason for the client placing the official order well in advance of the installation is simply to ensure the comprehensive calculations and a set of design drawings had approval from Islington Borough Council.

We had been given the task to provide and demonstrate a pull test using a selected fixing on the external cladded wall, to which the flue systems are now fixed and secured. After completing the pull test we established there was a 25mm gap between the concrete structure and the back of the concrete cladded sheet. It was on our advice to the client he should instruct a structural Engineer to advice on the type of fixing to be used and the methodology on the installation. After consultation with the structural Engineer, and based upon the imposed loading per flue system it was determined 12mm Rawl-bolt type anchors were required, six in the support element plates installed at 10.0m increments and two bolts per standard wall support bracket set every 2.5m.

The flue product selected for the project is manufactured using 0.6mm thick grade fully welded inner liner, 0.5mm thick grade 304 stainless steel outer casing with 25mm thick rockwool insulation.The product is proven and pressure tested for use on applications up to 5,000 Pascal (H1) rating.

Given the location and position of the installation of the flue systems, i.e the main artery in London City Centre, the Local Authority chose to have the systems polyester powder coated to Ral 7005
Mouse Grey.

Due to the high pressures involved within the systems we have installed explosion (high integrity) vent panels manufactured by FIKE approx. 5m from the appliance.

Upon completion of the installation of our flue systems we attended site to carry out a pressure test, which were witnessed by the client and Local Authority. A print PASS read-out was presented for our clients records, and our office also issued a certificate of compliance.