BMW, Cowley, Oxfordshire UK


Hartle Building Services Limited


BMW, Cowley, Oxfordshire UK


Our Engineers attended site for the 1st phase works to remove an old existing redundant flue dilution system which had been in operation for 20 years plus. Due to the reduced efficiency of both the boiler plant and dilution system, BMW decided to upgrade to a modern high efficiency boiler room.

The existing system was extremely noisy, which became worse over many years of wear and tear.

A new stainless steel flue system was fitted to three Hamworthy Modumax boilers. The flue system connected into a 350mm diameter common header arrangement, running horizontally across the plant room, penetrating through the external brick wall and rise the full length of the building to a suitable termination.

Another flue system was fitted serving two Hamworthy DR range water heaters. The flue system installed was calculated using our iFlue computer aided sizing package and resulted in a 250mm diameter. The system followed the same external vertical route as the boiler flue, both terminated to comply with Clean Air Act Memorandum.

The installation of the vertical flue systems was carried out using a cherry picker.

We have also carried out another few installations on the same site over previous years, so we must be doing something right.