Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar power is a clean, renewable and abundant power source with numerous benefits as demonstrated by the increasing popularity of Solar PV panels. Growing concern about rising energy prices, the environment and the need to reduce energy consumption together with relatively low installation costs, minimal maintenance and the opportunity to earn an extra income via the Government’s Feed in Tariff scheme (guaranteed for 25 years from April 2010) have meant that using solar power as an energy source for your home or business has become a very attractive solution.

We install PV solutions for both domestic and commercial applications and we only use Photovoltaic (PV) panels that are guaranteed to work efficiently and effectively for decades to come.

Solar PV

A Guarantee of Quality

The panels we supply come from a long history of PV experience dating back to the 1970’s. Our provider is one of the few that manufacture all of the individual components - cells, panels and inverters and therefore offer a complete reassurance of quality, performance, compatibility and reliability.

All of our Solar PV panels are MCS-accredited and are supplied with a 5-year or 10-year warranty, a 10-year 90% Power-Max Performance Guarantee and 25-year 80% Power-Max Performance Guarantee.

Application & Performance

Our Photovoltaic (PV) modules are designed for both commercial and domestic applications. They offer high performance and reliability and are suitable for grid-connected systems.

  • Highly efficient - Our PV modules make effective use of limited space which in turn lowers the overall system cost by reducing the number of modules required.
  • Reliable - PV modules are high-tech products engineered for long term use in extreme environments with harsh weather conditions. Experience and improvement in design and structure mean our PV modules provide long-term reliability.
  • Safe - Photovoltaic modules perform under conditions of high voltage and in severe environments over extended periods of time. Safety is therefore the top priority, ensuring customer peace of mind for as long as they remain in service.
  • Ecological - By their nature, PV modules reflect a proactive approach to environmental concerns and regulations.
  • Feed In Tariff Scheme (FiT)

    FiT schemeFrom April 2010, businesses or individuals installing photovoltaic panels will be paid via the governments Feed In Tariff scheme (FiT) for the electricity they generate for their own use and for any surplus electricity fed back into the grid.

    FiT is aimed at encouraging homeowners and businesses to install PV systems and has proved very successful in other European countries. FiT not only provides an income for system owners but these payments reduce payback times and creates the opportunity to profit from the system long term.

    In the UK, FiT payments are paid to owners direct from their electricity supplier. There are two components to the payment - the generation tariff (paid on the total electricity generated) and the export tariff (paid on the amount of exported or unused electricity that is relayed to the national grid).

    FiT rates differ according to the size of the system installed. The government’s recent fast track Feed-in Tariff review, which safeguarded the future of the Photovoltaic (PV) industry domestically, stipulates an upper limit of a 50kW size installation; signifiicantly more than the average home can accommodate.

  • The current tariffs up until 3rd March 2012 are:
  • FiT tariffs

    Generation and export tariff is based on per kWh.

  •  The future generation tariffs after 3rd March 2012 will be:
  • System Size

    Generation Tariff

    <4kW (Retrofit)


    <4kW (New Build)


    4kW – 10kW


    10kW – 50kW


    50kW – 150kW


    150kW – 250kW



    Whole House Solutions

    Whole house solutionThinking of installing Solar PV? Why not consider a 'whole house solution' with the addition of a Heat Pump?

    Our Heat Pump and Solar PV solutions can be used to create a whole house solution - reducing the need for conventional energy sources like mains gas and electricity.





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