Sectors We Serve

Our products and services are supplied as suitable solutions for a wide variety of applications. The sectors we commonly serve vary from the commercial to educational, retail to industrial and healthcare to leisure.
We understand that each sector has it’s own subtle set of operating procedures, industry values and legislation requirements and we have tailored our products and customer service to suit each.

If you would like more information or to have a chat about your particular business needs, please give us a call.


Our complete product range is ideally suited to applications throughout the commercial sector. Increasingly, office buildings are benefitting from new, greener, more efficient technolgies such as natural ventilation, natural lighting, heat pumps, solar pv and our energy-saving air conditioning units.

Our range of exhaust products, from flues and chimneys to kitchen extract canopies, are also suitable for commercial installation.


Our product range is perfect for the educational sector. We have found schools and colleges are often keen to utilise the latest green and eco technology, not just to lower costs but to act as a living experiment for pupils and parents to experience.

Our natural ventilation systems are a great solution for classrooms and the daylight supply from our natural lighting products are ideally suited for the daily periods of occupation.

The growing use of heat pumps and solar pv technology to generate hot water and electricity while reducing a buildings carbon footprint are also widely employed as part of a whole building strategy.

Our flue and chimney exhaust systems are also suited to the buildings heating demands and kitchen canopies can be installed where on-site cooking or food preparation facilites are used.


Our efficient, high performance kitchen canopies are ideal for restaurants and food based retail outlets where food must be prepared quickly, hygienically and safely. They are used throughout the industry by outlets ranging from the small to large.

Our air conditioning units are, traditionally, widely used throughout the retail sector. Our growing range of greener, more efficient and A-rated energy products are a stylish complement to any shop or as a replacement for older, less efficient models.

Our natural ventilation and lighting products are also growing in popularity throughout the retail sector.


Our flue and chimney exhaust systems are the obvious products utilised by the industrial sector, however our line of natural ventilation and lighting systems are proving increasingly popular solutions in industrial buildings and factories throughout the UK.

Our kitchen canopy system sizes are suited to industrial applications as well.


Natural ventilation and lighting is a very popular solution in the health care sector in hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions. Providing fresh, breathable air and natural light for patients and health care workers has numerous benefits to health, recovery and staff productivity.

Similarly, our kitchen canopies offer a safe, hygenic working environment where food can be prepared quickly and efficiently without the worry of external contamination.


Our natural ventilation and light systems are ideally suited to the leisure sector where a fresh air supply is essential or bright illumination of large spaces is required.

Our flue and chimney systems are also ideal to handle any exhaust requirements demanded by the large boilers often used in leisure centres.

Popular applications include gymnasiums, sports halls and health clubs.