Natural Ventilation Systems


Natural Ventilation & Lighting

We supply a wide range of natural ventilation and lighting systems that can be designed and installed to suit virtually any application.
We provide for the commercial, educational, industrial and private sectors and our products are increasingly popular in schools, hospitals, offices and industrial buildings.

Natural Ventilation and Lighting systems make use of nature’s own power source to provide interior spaces with a fresh air supply or natural daylight illumination or both.
Buildings utilising natural ventilation or lighting systems, by their very nature, experience a significant reduction in traditional energy running costs.

Natural Ventilation Systems

Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure Our natural ventilation solutions consist of two synchronizing devices: a roof-mounted natural ventilation turret and a wall-mounted unit.
Louvres within these units divert external fresh air into the internal spaces creating a stack effect which in turn removes stale air or CO² from the space. Airflow, temperature and CO² within the system are monitored and controlled via pre-set sensors within a given space.

The wall mounted damper also works as an optional heating application. A series of grilles and dampers allow for a controlled environment purely using fresh air. This unique design eradicates the ‘cold drop’ effect and allows the unit to work as a front line heating system. The unit can be controlled via wireless technology connected to any existing BMS or internet system reducing the cost of conventional wired controls.

The size and type of application is virtually limitless. Additional roof-mounted turrets and wall vents can be added for larger applications and rooms can be individually monitored and controlled as necessary.

Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure The features and advantages of such a system include:

  • A fresh air supply for workers – proven to increase productivity & reduce staff sickness
  • Naturally ventilated – reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint without the need for mechanical ventilation
  • Night time purge of stale air – creating a fresh working environment for staff the following morning
  • Better control of building temperature and CO² levels
  • Free cooling

Natural Lighting Systems

Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure Natural lighting systems are the perfect complement to our natural ventilation systems. Daylighting systems offer a modern, realistic and compelling alternative to artificial lighting for commercial, industrial and domestic projects.

The benefits of piping brilliant, natural sunlight into a space are widespread and available for both new and existing buildings. Our natural light systems have successfully transformed homes, offices, schools, factories and hospitals. All the time reducing their energy consumption, building running costs and carbon footprint and aiding common seasonal workplace disorders like SAD.

Natural Ventilation Controls

Natural Ventilation Controls
Our unique range of natural ventilation controls and intelligent sensors have been developed to deliver optimum control and ease of use of all our natural ventilation systems.

We can supply traditional combined sensors (with 0/10v outputs) or sensors with inbuilt BACnet communications (which supply a modulating control signal to end devices such as window actuator controllers). Our sensors are specifically designed to be simple to use. We employ push button overrides, LED status indications and clear labelling to make things easier for the end users.

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Download our Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure

Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure
Our Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure features a comprehensive look at the various natural ventilation & lighting solutions we offer, including our Wind-iVent passive ventilation terminals, solar powered active stacks, controlled window and wall units, intelligent building control systems and natural light solutions. The brochure features installation pictures, technical diagrams, case studies and all the relevant testing, safety and standards information.

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