Kitchen Ventilation

We supply a wide range of kitchen canopy systems to meet the demands of the most modern commercial kitchens.

Our Canvent Canopy systems can be configured to suit virtually any application, with a range of advanced features such as heat recovery, uv filtration, fire suppression and gas safety detectors can be fitted as necessary.

We commonly provide our solutions for the commercial, healthcare, educational and private sectors and our products are increasingly popular in restaurants, schools, hospitals and hotels.


Kitchen Ventilation

Canvent Canopy Solutions

Our extensive range of commercial kitchen canopies are designed for use in a wide variety of applications including schools, restaurants, nursing homes and other institutional buildings. Our canopies are manufactured from 304 (En 1.4301) or 316 (En 1.4401) where specified, all products are suitably braced to prevent product distortion and all joints are welded and polished.

All of our canopy systems are manufactured to the strict guidelines of DW/172, British Standards and conform to HSE for kitchen ventilation systems. All canopies and associated components are thoroughly tested to ensure high standards to meet with our clients expectations.

Our product range extends from simple condense canopies, extract only island or wall mounted canopies, through to our air injection island systems allowing both input and extract. All products can be configured to suit each individual application.

If required, the input air can be pre-heated for additional internal comfort within the winter months. Wall mounted or island canopies can be manufactured to meet almost any dimension but typically 1000mm to 8000mm long. The system ductwork is manufactured and installed to incorporate cleaning and maintenance access doors to fully comply with DW/144 ductwork standards.

Typical Canvent Systems:

  • Condense Canopy
  • Dishwash Canopy
  • Wall Mounted
  • Extract and Supply
  • Peripheral Extract
  • Induction
  • Canvent Systems can also include the following features:

  • Supply/Extract
  • Fully recessed light fittings
  • Grease control/drainage system
  • Odour abatement Control
  • Heater Batteries
  • Heat Recovery
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Gas interlock
  • Control system/Fire interlock
  • AHU/Fans/Silencers/Filters
  • Galvanised ductwork/Fire Rated ducting
  • Service Distribution Units
  • Stainless Steel Supporting Columns
  • We can undertake turn-key packages from the simply design and installation of the equipment to providing you with all necessary builders work, electrical wiring and commissioning of the complete system.


    Kitchen LightingOur lighting units are sealed and industry approved to prevent the ingress of moisture, grease or heat. They meet all the necessary hygiene and safety requirements as outlined by modern industry standards.



    Kitchen ControlsWe offer a range of control panels to handle our clients demands. Control system features available include gas detectors and shut-offs, CO and CO² detectors and fire suppression systems.

    Control panel features include:

  • The LCD displays we use offer solutions rather than just LED indications
  • If the kitchen ventilation is switched off, the display informs the operator to switch on the fans and restart the panel
  • An engineer can, for guidance purposes, check for gas pressure drops and receive a valve let by indication (Mbar readings are given on the LCD from both sides of the valve)
  • Our current monitoring unit or pressure differential switches can be used
  • True differential pressures can be observed across the solenoid valve
  • Compact design
  • Hygiene

    Our air extract and supply systems use a breakthrough powder coating system to protects against harmful bacteria contamination (including MRSA). Its increasing popularity with architects, contractors and consultants indicates the growing importance of organisations monitoring their air hygiene to ensure it meets the Health & Safety at Work regulations.

    The new state-of-the-art powder coating system incorporates an Interpon AB coating which is proven to reduce bacterial colonies like MRSA by 99.9%.

    Fire Safety

    We supply a wide range of fire dampers and suppression systems for our canopy applications. Various accessories are available to complement our client's individual requirements.

    UV Filtration

    A UV filtration system can reduce grease build-up and common odours by using UV light to break down organic material that can plague canopies. UV filtration reduces the need for ductwork cleaning and can prove a more efficient than conventional filtration methods.

    Download our Kitchen Canopy Ventilation brochure

    Flue Portfolio Our Kitchen Canopy Ventilation brochure illustrates the products we supply and additional systems we offer, their specifications and applications and a small selection of Case Studies. Areas covered include Lighting, Controls, Fire and Gas Safety and UV Filtration.

    » Download our Kitchen Canopy Ventilation brochure here (pdf, 1.9mb) «


    Download our Grilles and Louvres booklet

    Flue Portfolio Our grilles and louvres booklet covers the different types of grilles, diffusers, external louvres and dampers we supply. The booklet includes the different sizes, specifications, dimensions, pictures and safety information.

    » Download our Grilles and Louvres booklet here (pdf, 1.7mb) «









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