Our downloads section contains a range of brochures, booklets and presentations outlining the products and services we offer and systems available. This information includes technical data and information, product pictures, testing, safety and installation details and any associated products.

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Flues & Chimneys


Flues brochure Flues & Chimneys brochure »

Our Flue & Chimney brochure features a comprehensive look at the various flue and chimney solutions we offer, including Twin Wall, Single Wall, Free-Standing Chimneys, Masts and Flues designed for Power Generators. The brochure features technical diagrams, pictures, case studies and all the relevant testing, safety and standards information.

» Download our Flue & Chimney brochure here (pdf, 7.7mb) «



Flue Portfolio Flues & Chimneys portfolio »

Our Flue & Chimney Portfolio is a brief introduction to the Flues and Chimneys side of our business. It illustrates the various products we offer, their particular specifications and applications, and a selection of Case Studies and Health and Safety guidelines.

» Download our Flue & Chimney portfolio here (pdf, 1.7mb) «


Natural Ventilation & Lighting


natural ventilation brochure Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure »

Our Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure features a comprehensive look at the various natural ventilation & lighting solutions we offer, including our Wind-iVent passive ventilation terminals, solar powered active stacks, controlled window and wall units, intelligent building control systems and natural light solutions. The brochure features installation pictures, technical diagrams, case studies and all the relevant testing, safety and standards information.

» Download our Natural Ventilation & Lighting brochure here (pdf, 5.3mb) «


Volume Control Dampers Volume Control Dampers brochure »

Our range of LF uPVC-VCD high performance, plastic volume control dampers offer an exceptionally low leakage and are designed for highly energy efficient buildings. They have been proven in independent tests to have a leakage over 70% below that currently required by Part L of Building Regulations.


» Download our Volume Control Dampers brochure (pdf, 1.0mb) «


Natural Ventilation controls Natural Ventilation Controls brochure »

Our unique range of natural ventilation controls and intelligent sensors have been developed to deliver optimum control and ease of use of all our natural ventilation systems. We can supply traditional combined sensors (with 0/10v outputs) or sensors with inbuilt BACnet communications. Our sensors employ push button overrides, LED status indications and clear labelling to make things easier for the end users.

» Download our Natural Ventilation Controls brochure (pdf, 900kb) «


Window Ventilation Window Ventilation brochure »

An introduction to this ventilation technology, closely associated to, and complementing our Natural Ventilation products. Includes data and information about dampers, actuators, controls sytems, building modelling and installation.

» Download our Window Ventilation brochure (pdf, 1.1mb) «


Window Ventilation Thermacool Ceiling Tile brochure »

Thermacool ceiling tiles are a worthy addition to any natural or passive ventilation project. They incorporate a special phase change material that absorbs, stores and releases excess internal heat gains, therefore aiding thermal comfort and passive cooling.


» Download the Thermacool brochure (pdf, 1.1mb) «


Kitchen Ventilation


Canopy brochureKitchen Canopy Ventilation brochure »

Our Kitchen Canopy Ventilation brochure illustrates the products we supply and additional systems we offer, their specifications and applications and a small selection of Case Studies. Areas covered include Lighting, Controls, Fire and Gas Safety and UV Filtration.

» Download our Kitchen Canopy Ventilation brochure here (pdf, 1.9mb) «


Grilles and LouvresGrilles and Louvres booklet »

Our grilles and louvres booklet covers the different types of grilles, diffusers, external louvres and dampers we supply. The booklet includes the different sizes, specifications, dimensions, pictures and safety information.

» Download our Grilles and Louvres booklet here (pdf, 1.7mb) «



Smoke Control Smoke Control Solutions booklet »

This short leaflet details the technical specifications of the SVCS-1 smoke control panel used as part of our Kitchen Ventilation product range and the optional inputs available.

» Download our Grilles and Louvres booklet here (pdf, 480kb) «




Heat Recovery, Heat Pumps & Renewables


Heat Recovery brochure Heat Recovery brochure »

Our Heat Recovery brochure outlines the Duplexvent product range and heat recovery ventilation technology that we offer for commercial and industrial applications.

» Download our Heat Recovery brochure here (pdf, 3.3mb) «



Company Brochures


products Airtherm Products brochure »

An introduction to the various products and systems we offer at Airtherm and information outlining the specifics of each system and further information such as design, installation, benefits, application, controls and related products.

» Download our Products brochure here (pdf, 7.7mb) «



short brochure Airtherm brochure [introduction] »

A short introduction to Airtherm Engineering Limited outling our company, products and services, qualifications, affiliations, policies, products and sectors.

» Download the short Airtherm brochure here (pdf, 475kb) «




long brochure Airtherm brochure [full length] »

The longer, full length version of the above. Details the company, team, qualifications, affiliations, policies and sectors and a detailed, in depth look at the various products and services we offer.

» Download the full length Airtherm brochure here (pdf, 4.6mb) «








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