Chimney & Flue Systems


Flues & Chimneys

Our range of flue, chimney and exhaust systems have been specifically developed to provide an optimum solution for a varying range of commercial and industrial applications.
Every solution is designed to meet the highest standards of manufacture and performance and has undergone comprehensive testing to conform to the most up to date legislation requirements and real world demands before installation.

Whatever your project requirements, we guarantee a solution of the highest quality, that has been rigorously tested and offers outstanding performance in its field.

Design, Manufacture & Testing

Every flue, chimney or exhaust system we install has been calculated using the latest computer aided software available. All of our products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the specific fuel involved – whether it be gas, oil, wood or pellet feed. For us, good practise is paramount. This thorough procedure is necessary to ascertain reliable performance for total efficiency and more importantly to fully comply with all relevant government legislation.

System calculations are quickly available by entering the appliance detail and the intended flue configuration into our iCalc sizing system. Whether it’s an individual or combined system, a detailed report is provided indicating exhaust flow rates, chimney size and available pressure, allowing the correct selection for each and every application. The system must be designed to convey the products combustion to atmosphere safely and provide a stable operating pressure at the appliance at all times. With the demand for modern boiler plants, a number of factors must be considered to achieve the optimum efficiency for the equipment and surrounding area.

AutoCAD drawings are produced by our highly experience team of engineers for approval. These drawings indicate the exact design, flue size and proposed layout of the system.


Our installation teams are made up of experienced personnel that are fully trained and aware of all the necessary statutory requirements and standards for every project they undertake.

Each team member holds the correct qualifications for his or her job.

Clean Air Act

The Clean Air Act applies to gas (and other fuels) fired appliance installations with specific requirements for installations exceeding 366 kW total gross heat input, including approval of the height of the chimney by the local authority.

In most cases the chimney height can be calculated in accordance with Clean Air Act Memorandum, which takes into account the fuel type, rated input, building heights and general topography of the surrounding area.

The Clean Air Act gives power to local councils to control domestic and industrial smoke to improve local air quality and meet EU air quality standards for sulphur dioxide and particulates. It enables local councils to create ‘smoke control areas’ and order the use of cleaner fuels in these areas. This act applies fully in England, Scotland and Wales.

British Standards

The products we use are approved and CE marked to EN 1856-1 and manufactured under a quality assurance scheme, certificate no. FM557622, administered by British Standards in accordance with BS EN 9001: 2008.

Technical Guidance for Flue and Chimney Systems

  • BS 5440-1:2008 Flueing and ventilation for gas appliances of rated input not exceeding 70kW net (1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases). Specification for installation of gas appliances to chimneys and for maintenance of chimney
  • Chimneys to BS 4076 and corresponding international codes
  • Clean Air Act Memorandum
  • BS 6644:2011 Specification for the installation and maintenance of gas-fired hot water boilers of rated inputs between 70 kW (net) and 1.8 MW (net) (2nd and 3rd family gases)
  • IGE/UP/10 Installation of flued gas appliances in industrial and commercial premises.
  • Technical Guidance Note (Dispersion) D1, Guidelines on Discharge Stack Heights for Polluting Emissions
  • 2010 Edition of Approved Document J (click to download pdf – 3.7mb)
  • Local Air Quality Management Technical Guidance (TG09), February 2009 (click for website)


Our comprehensive product range covers a full range of commercial & industrial solutions across a selection of fuels and applications.

Our common solutions include:

  • Multi-application fire rated exhaust systems designed for particles, smoke, fumes and a wide range of combustion processes such as generators and combined heat and power equipment
  • Multi-functional flues systems designed for gas condensing fired appliances which produce moisture in the exhaust
  • Commercial flue systems for use with naturally aspirated gas fired appliances fitted with draught diverters – including cooking equipment, central heating boilers, modular boilers, small furnaces, water heaters and unit air heaters
  • Twin wall insulated stainless steel multi-fuel chimney systems
  • Twin wall systems for use with solid fuel combustion equipment
  • Single wall flue systems for gas and oil fired air heaters, unit warmers, warm air blowers and cabinet heaters
  • Gas vent systems for domestic or small commercial applications
  • Gas and oil venting systems for gas fired or kerosene (28Sec) oil fired heating equipment

Flue Sizes

Flue sizes range from 100mm to 1200mm diameter depending on the product type and application. They are generally offered with 25mm insulation as standard. Where increased temperatures are expected, normally from chp and generators, the annulus can be increased to 50mm, 75mm, 100mm or 150mm thick by using mineral wool. This can be applied with a variation of different thicknesses and density, which in turn reduces the loss of heat.

Chimney Systems

  • Individual or Combined Flue Systems
  • Natural draught
  • Fan assisted
  • Fan dilution
  • Condensing/Gas/Oil/Wood/Pellet
  • Balanced Terminals
  • Windshield Chimney
  • Support Mast
  • Lining of existing stack

Other Services

  • CCTV Chimney Surveys
  • Pressure Testing
  • Chimney Repair
  • Modifications

CCTV Surveys

CCTV Inspection Equipment We offer a CCTV survey and inspection service for installed flue and chimney systems. We use the ACCESS CAM PRO-VIEW recordable inspection camera to provide easy visual inspection of chimneys, air conditioning ducts and other pipework.

The system is highly portable, quick to set up and can quickly ascertain the condition, integrity and length of internal pipework. The camera uses infra-red LED’s to see in complete darkness and features ‘live’ recording direct to SD card enabling clients to watch the inspection live and/or view their own copy at a later time.

Download our Flue & Chimney brochure

Flues brochure Our Flue & Chimney brochure features a comprehensive look at the various flue and chimney solutions we offer, including Twin Wall, Single Wall, Free-Standing Chimneys, Masts and Flues designed for Power Generators. The brochure features technical diagrams, pictures, case studies and all the relevant testing, safety and standards information.

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