Air Conditioning

We supply an extensive range of comfort cooling systems designed for installation in a variety of large, medium sized or small applications.

Energy efficiency and affordability is of paramount importance to us and the products we use are designed with energy consumption in mind. Modern technologies like energy recovery and stale air extraction as well as product versatility are an essential part of our business.

We can advise you on the best air conditioning system for your building and how our range of controls systems ensure that you get the maximum performance from your system and reduce your energy bills. All our systems can be installed with the minimum of disruption.

Air Conditioning

Large Applications

Aircon- VRFThe City Multi range is Aitherm's answer to large scale VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) applications. The efficiency of City Multi is second to none and the new R410A range offers a substantial increase in energy efficiency and corresponding EER/COP ratings


Medium-Sized Areas

Aircon- Mr SlimThe Mr Slim product line is one of Britain’s best selling air conditioning split-systems and is suitable for heating or cooling a large variety of applications. The range of Mr Slim products combine efficiency and versatility and the possibilities are virtually infinite.


Smaller Environments

Aircon- M seriesThe M series is designed to heat or cool small to medium sized applications. The new R410A M Series range provides a versatile yet affordable air conditioning solution. The M series units are quick to install, offer an attractive modern design and is the perfect way to ensure a comfortable environment with the minimum of disruption.


A Greener Solution

Aircon- LossnayThe Lossnay system has been developed and refined over the past 30 years to perfect the recovery of waste energy. The units reduce energy costs by extracting stale air and recovering the heating or cooling energy used to either warm or cool incoming fresh air.


A-Rated Energy Saver

Aircon- ZenThe stylish new Zen air conditioning unit boasts an A-rated energy saving performance and COPs (Coefficient of Performance) of between 3.71 and 4.57. Zen units deliver cooling capacities of between 2.5 and 5.0kW and heating capacities of between 3.2 and 5.8kW and come with an advanced ‘silent mode’ fan speed setting that provides ultra-silent operation as low as 21dB.

The Zen unit is available in three sizes, all styled in a luxurious high-gloss black, silver or white finish resembling modern audio-visual equipment and contributing to the high-quality feel and looks.


Aircon- ControlsControl of any air conditioning system is essential in optimising performance and minimising running costs. At Airtherm we offer a comprehensive range of control options from simple hand held to web based systems to suit your individual requirements.








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